A People On its Knees!

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Here is a text by Jacques Tétreault describing his feelings following the adoption of Bill 106 under closure on December 10th in the very early morning hours.

A People On its Knees!

This lovely period of Christmas festivities is the time for gift giving!

It is what we deserve and it falls to us from heaven unexpectedly.

Today, the 10th of December,2016, in the wee hours of the morning, the people of Quebec made a stunning gift, though far above their means : our government adopted Bill 106.

What a gift! You do not know what it is? Well, you will be surprised at our generosity. We have just given access to the land beneath our feet to the oil and gas companies of this world. More like incontestable rights, now that the law has been adopted by the evocation of closure.

This means that the subsoil no longer belongs to Quebec but to those who acquired their claim at 10 cents a hectare. We are so rich here in Quebec, we are so in control of business, that our government, after having imposed austerity, oops, I should say « budgetary rigour« , just adopted a law which sanctions this gift.

Not only are we no longer « maîtres chez-nous«  (masters in our own house), we have just renounced fair recompense for our collective coffers. These companies can henceforth enter wherever they want, drill, expropriate you if you don’t accede, withdraw oil and gas in tiny quantities (because our subsoil does not overflow) and not pay the good people as these operations fall under the new law which permits it for free.

To properly wrap the gift, our government has bought a lovely wrapping paper via an investment company, Ressources Québec. Our hard earned money saved under the « budgetary rigour«  which has burdened the public services for 3 years, will finance these companies. Without our financial help, all this would not be possible.

A people on its knees! Santa Pierre Arcand under the benevolent eye of his boss Couillard, just made a superb gift of our savings to their friends.

Jacques Tétreault
Coordonnateur général adjoint RVHQ
Le 11 décembre 2016