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Shopping Frenzy on Black Friday !

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Mr Gérard Montpetit is intrigued as to why retailers are trying to create a frenzy of shopping on the day after the American Thanksgiving. In the middle of a growing climate crisis, can the planet deal with all this over consumption of goods. Should we promote a frenzy of purchases around the holiday of a foreign country.


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Mr Gérard Montpetit is aware that the slogan «defund the police» is a response to improper police methods. However, less police forces means that street gangs will be free to impose their will; this year, there were numerous shootings, resulting in deaths and injuries in Montreal and Toronto. During an election, we must examine police funding. That is why  we… Read more »

Judicial terrorism

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Judicial Terrorism Failing to win the battle to persuade the public to approve hydraulic fracturing, the gas companies have launched a number of lawsuits arguing that they are treated unfairly. For example :‘… Gaspé Energy is before the courts to demand a permit to drill in Gaspé’s Galt 6 well, which had been refused by the Minister of Energy and Natural… Read more »

Sweet words from the Petroleum industry

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Mr Montpetit from La Présentation is thrilled by the report of the IEA. However, there is a lot of confusion about the meaning of some words. Is the petroleum industry trying to sweet-talk the public by deliberately using that confusion.

Three Solitudes

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If Mr Montpetit may be allowed to paraphrase novelist Hugh MacLennan, the railroad blockades have shown that Canada is a land of «Three Solitudes». Thirty years after Oka, Quebec still has not signed the constitution imposed during the evening of November 5, 1981, and the Indigenous problem remains intact.

Youth against cynicism

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Last week’s demonstration, Mr Montpetit noticed that the younger generation was anguished by a future mortgaged by climate change. The construction of pipelines is a profoundly hostile policy toward their generation.  On October 21, please give the boot to those who wish to build 3 pipelines.