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We Looked To Quebec. Were We Wrong?

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Jim Emberger., the spokesperson for the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance, challenges Premier Couillard to explain why Québec, formerly a model on climate change action and water protection, passed Bill106. This opens the doors to the fracking industry just as other jurisdictions all over the world are taking action to heed the scientific evidence. This is not what we would… Read more »

Trump's Dark Vision

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Mr. Gérard Montpetit gives a concrete example of the deleterious effect of a head of state who is blinded by a biased vision. While waiting for the USA to cure their « Trump fever », let’s try to attract unemployed American scientists; this will give our economy a head start over the climate change deniers.

Education for life

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Ms Louise Morand of L’Assomption, Québec, calls on all educators to step out of the straight jacket of the usual formulas for a successful education and take note of the threat of extinction weighing on our civilization and our species.