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The Pipeline of Happiness

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Mr. Gérard Montpetit, from La Présentation, Quebec, has an original idea to solve the problem between BC and Alberta: after all the broken promises by Justin Trudeau about the Paris Agreement, we now have Alberta ready to boycott the wines from British Columbia in order to twist the arm of its neighbor to bring its oil from the oil  sands… Read more »

Is the Paris Agreement a Toothless Tiger?

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Mr. Gérard Montpetit describe the global struggle between obsolete fossil fuels and the new technologies, and their numerous subtle punches. The opponents of the Paris Conference are demanding that Mr Trump remain in the Agreement in order to effectively gut it from the inside.

Worse than a boil advisory

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Mr Montpetit sympathises with the people of Prince Albert who have to put up with a drinking water advisory, just like the citizens of Longueuil in 2015. He wonders if our addiction to petroleum should not be reviewed in the light of these accidents.

An Indispensable Link in the Chain of Greenhouse Gases

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Mr Montpetit strongly disagrees with TransCanada’s management. Everyone, from producers to pipeline operators to consumers, are co-responsible for those GHG which affect the whole planet.

Because it is 2015!

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Last November, the newly elected Prime Minister justified his choices with the answer «Because this is 2015!», meaning we have to adapt new methods to face the challenges of our times. This is the message that Mr Montpetit is sending to Premier Rachel Notley and the province of Alberta.