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Mr Binnion, Be Forwarned!

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Mr Gérard Montpetit, from La Présentation, Quebec  warns the petroleum industry that the flawed Bill 106 does not give them a blank check to exploit our resources as if we were a 19th century colony.

What Exactly Do You Mean Mr Green?

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Mr Gérard Montpetit, from La Présentation (Québec), deplores the contradictions between the «green» messages of Mr Couillard at international conferences such as COP 22 in Marrakesh and the extremely pro-petroleum bias found in the proposed bill 106.


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Mr. Gérard Montpetit comments on a recent poll concerning unconventional oil and gas development in Québec: despite their use of agnotology to promote extractivism, QOGA (Québec Oil and Gas Association) will not succeed in fooling well-informed and wary Québécois.