Textes en anglais

Le Groupe Réplique compte parmi ses bénévoles une équipe de traducteurs. Cela nous permet de diffuser des textes dont les enjeux concernent tout le territoire canadien. Ces textes sont envoyés aux médias de langue anglaise et aux groupes militants anglophones engagés dans les mêmes luttes que nous.


Mr Gérard Montpetit is aware that the slogan «defund the police» is a response to improper police methods. However, less police forces means that street gangs will be free to impose their will; this year, there were numerous shootings, resulting in deaths and injuries in Montreal and Toronto. During an election, we must examine police funding. That is why  we… Read more »

Judicial terrorism

Judicial Terrorism Failing to win the battle to persuade the public to approve hydraulic fracturing, the gas companies have launched a number of lawsuits arguing that they are treated unfairly. For example :‘… Gaspé Energy is before the courts to demand a permit to drill in Gaspé’s Galt 6 well, which had been refused by the Minister of Energy and Natural… Read more »

Sweet words from the Petroleum industry

Mr Montpetit from La Présentation is thrilled by the report of the IEA. However, there is a lot of confusion about the meaning of some words. Is the petroleum industry trying to sweet-talk the public by deliberately using that confusion.

The Pouters

Mr Gérard Montpetit, from La Présentation,  compares Donald Trump and Jason Kenney  to a child who pouts because he cannot have his way. Just like a naughty child, Mr Kenney wants his pipeline, even though it will cause catastrophic climate change.

From the «Solitude» of Quebec

Just as in Hugh MacLennan’s novel «Two Solitudes», only a tiny minority are aware of the battles and the problems in the «other solitude».