Textes en anglais

Le Groupe Réplique compte parmi ses bénévoles une équipe de traducteurs. Cela nous permet de diffuser des textes dont les enjeux concernent tout le territoire canadien. Ces textes sont envoyés aux médias de langue anglaise et aux groupes militants anglophones engagés dans les mêmes luttes que nous.


Mr Gérard Montpetit is puzzled as to the motives that led Mr Kenney, Premier of Alberta, to launch an inquiry about the financing of environmental groups. This inquiry would seem to fit the definition of paranoia; delusion about the petroleum industry’s importance and a feeling of being persecuted.

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We Must Listen to Them!

Mr Gérard Montpetit believes that the youth of the world have sent a clear message about the necessary action that must be taken against climate change.  Political leaders and the CEO of the world should listen to them when they expressed their concerns on March 15.

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Open letter to Mr Newman

Mr Montpetit, from La Présentation, Qc. answered Mr Demian Newman’s open letter to « those who oppose Canadian  pipelines and oilsands ». Hopefully, it will lead to a dialogue about our addiction to petroleum.

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Rising waters

The polar regions are warming faster than the rest of the planet. Rising sea levels will cause tremendous damage to coastal regions. According to the most pessimistic scenarios, this could displace a billion human beings.  Where would these refugees go?

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The Heat Wave and the Ostrich

It is said that the ostrich hides its head in the sand so as not to see the danger. The recent heat wave is a harbinger of things to come. To deny it is imitate the ostrich. When Mr Trump denies reality, by burying his head in denial, it leaves his rump high in the air, like an exposed target

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