Textes en anglais

Le Groupe Réplique compte parmi ses bénévoles une équipe de traducteurs. Cela nous permet de diffuser des textes dont les enjeux concernent tout le territoire canadien. Ces textes sont envoyés aux médias de langue anglaise et aux groupes militants anglophones engagés dans les mêmes luttes que nous.

From the «Solitude» of Quebec

From the «Solitude» of Quebec In the media of English-speaking Canada, one sees the arguments, pro and con, for building pipelines to export the fossil fuels of Alberta, Saskatchewan and even northern B.C. You may read that the Wet’suwet’en, First Nation «Coast Defenders», and environmentalists are opposed to the TransMountain pipeline and to Coastal GasLink. But did you know that… Read more »

Beyond the Rants of Michael Moore

Mr Montpetit from La Présentation is aware of the flaws of Michael Moore’s film « Planet of the Humans ».  However, he wishes to go beyond the sensationalism of the film.

The Artificial Respirator

Mr Montpetit, from La Présentation, feels that it is unthinkable to use emergency governmental aid  to subsidize a « has been » industry during a pandemic.

Three Solitudes

If Mr Montpetit may be allowed to paraphrase novelist Hugh MacLennan, the railroad blockades have shown that Canada is a land of «Three Solitudes». Thirty years after Oka, Quebec still has not signed the constitution imposed during the evening of November 5, 1981, and the Indigenous problem remains intact.

Youth against cynicism

Last week’s demonstration, Mr Montpetit noticed that the younger generation was anguished by a future mortgaged by climate change. The construction of pipelines is a profoundly hostile policy toward their generation.  On October 21, please give the boot to those who wish to build 3 pipelines.