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Le Groupe Réplique compte parmi ses bénévoles une équipe de traducteurs. Cela nous permet de diffuser des textes dont les enjeux concernent tout le territoire canadien. Ces textes sont envoyés aux médias de langue anglaise et aux groupes militants anglophones engagés dans les mêmes luttes que nous.

My Grudge against taxes

Mr. Gérard Montpetit, from La Présentation, Quebec, describes his recurring frustration with his annual tax return versus the amount of tax breaks, subsidies, and credits handed out to the oil companies by both governments. These tax breaks and subsidies are a misuse of our tax dollar.


The Pipeline of Happiness

Mr. Gérard Montpetit, from La Présentation, Quebec, has an original idea to solve the problem between BC and Alberta: after all the broken promises by Justin Trudeau about the Paris Agreement, we now have Alberta ready to boycott the wines from British Columbia in order to twist the arm of its neighbor to bring its oil from the oil  sands… Read more »


We Looked To Quebec. Were We Wrong?

Jim Emberger., the spokesperson for the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance, challenges Premier Couillard to explain why Québec, formerly a model on climate change action and water protection, passed Bill106. This opens the doors to the fracking industry just as other jurisdictions all over the world are taking action to heed the scientific evidence. This is not what we would… Read more »


A snake oil salesman

For a few weeks, Mr Jason Kenny has been trying to boost his leadership campaign as leader of the United Conservative party of Alberta by using some questionable tactics, such as Quebec bashing. Instead of trying to find a scapegoat, shouldn’t he be proposing an economic plan that is adapted to the 21st century?



The declaration of Mr Trump to withdraw from the Paris Accord, is a sort of  « Pearl Harbor »: an electroshock which is galvanizing opinion in the fight not only for civilization as in 1941, but for humanity.

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