Wealthy Welfare Bums

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Mr Gérard Montpetit deplores the fact that the government has given a subsidy of 1.7 million dollars to Suncor, because it supposedly has reduced GHG. This kind of subsidy should be given to businesses which promotes renewable energies and not to Corporate welfare bums. 

Wealthy Welfare Bums

From Le Devoir (Jan.25, 2016) we learn that Suncor just received a subsidy of 1.7 million dollars. If we are to believe the Ministry  »The public funds have been allocated in the framework of the EcoPerformance program, set up in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of Québec. (1) » What? An oil company, whose long term objective is to increase its oil sands production, is receiving a grant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions! Where should we put the people who suggested such an aberration? In a prison or a psychiatric institution?

This is a violation of the letter and the spirit of the fine speeches of a government which says it wishes to reduce greenhouse gases . We can also see this aberration when it comes to the Green Fund grant to Air Canada for the winglets on its aircraft. At least the winglets reduces fuel consumption slightly. The politics of Couillard’s greenhouse gas reduction is pure nonsense!

The Green Fund is a tool which should enable our industries to make the transition to a de-carbonized economy, thus allowing us to meet our commitments made at the Paris Conference. This time I agree with Mme Francoise Bertrand:  » To date, a great confusion rules in the way we dispense the monies accumulated by the Green Fund, a situation which was decried by Québec’s Auditor General in 2014…(2) »

The disbursement of this grant of 1.7 million to Suncor is part of a questionable relationship between the oil companies and governments. Is it an indication of the weight of the lobbyists? It goes along with the old habit of various countries to support the exploitation of fossil fuels by grants and fiscal measures which cost 5300 billion per year (4). Moreover, in the case of our neighbours to the south, each time a dollar is invested in renewable energy, $2.50 is injected into fossil fuels (3). Again, something is wrong!

Logically, the money of the Green Fund should provide funds for the development of green energies; not fossil fuels . During the 70s Mr Lewis, then leader of the NDP, denounced  »Corporate Welfare Bums ». These days, minister Sam Hamad wants to cut the social assistance to those who will not, or cannot, work. The Couillard government would save more by cutting subsidies to the rich  »Grumps » such as oil companies.

Gérard Montpetit

La Présentation, Qc.

January 28, 2016

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